Uttam Avatar

उत्तम अवतार Uttam Avatar

Bhagwan is One. |
But he has many different names. ||

Manavjata can only understand Bhagwan through his uttam avatar. People of every dharma and sanskruti know this, so the many jati and jamaat of our duniya have different names for the final and complete avatar of Bhagwan as they understand him.

He is known to some as Jesus Christ. Others say Yesu Masih, or Prabhu Yesu. Some jamaats call him Isa. In our sampraday, we call him Muktidata Abhishikta.

Each of these names mean the exact same thing and refer to the uttam avatar of Bhagwan. In our prarthna or pooja, we can say any of these names to Bhagwan and ask him to give us the anubhav of his kripa and satya .


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