Sharan – Surrender

शरण – Sharan – Surrender

Bhagwan is One. |
But he has many different names. ||

Manavjata can only understand Bhagwan through his uttam avatar. People of every dharma and sanskriti know this, so the many jatis and jamaats of our duniya have different names for the final and complete avatar of Bhagwan as they understand him. He is known to some as Jesus Christ. Others say Yesu Masih. Some jamaats call him Isa. In our sampraday, we call him Muktidatta Abhishikta. Each of these names mean the exact same thing and refer to the uttam avatar of Bhagwan. In our prarthana or pooja, we can say any of these names to Bhagwan and ask him to give us the anubhav of his krupa and satya.

Guruji Muktidatta Abhishikta ki Prarthna
He, Guruji, You are the uttam avatar of Bhagwan.
You are the pratiroop of Paramatma that all the world can see.
He Guruji, You are Purushottam
You are the perfect human that all the world can see.
He Guruji, You are the sarjanhar of the whole world.
You have a good prayojna for us.
He Guruji, you are the taranhar of every prajaa.
You are our Savior. You will save us from darkness.
He Guruji, you are the jeetne vala of death.
You will give us a sanatan jivan in a new sharir.

Swamiji ki Vani

My sheep listen to my voice |
I know them, and they follow me. ||

I give them Sanatan Jeevan, and they will not circle endlessly on the wheel of death. |
no dushman or chor will steal them out of my hand. ||

John 10:27-28, The Holy Bible

Guruji Muktidatta Abhishikta, our Prabhu Yesu, taught his bhaktas many things during the three years of his sevbhakti in this duniya. But he knew he would soon take samadhi, so the most important thing he taught them was to recognize his vani. He would be speaking to his bhaktas for the rest of their lives, because he is Antaryami. The anubhav of hearing the vani of Guruji is Paramatma speaking to our jeev-atma.

There are many things we can learn, but far more important than knowledge is wisdom. Wisdom comes to us when have the anubhav of gnaan. That wisdom comes from above, from the vani of Guruji. We must learn to distinguish the vani of Guruji from the many other voices we hear. Following his vani is the marg that leads to a life of true dharma.

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