Sambandh – Relationship

संबंध Sambandh – Relationship

Guruji will lead his shishya into true sambandh with every jati and jamaat in our duniya. He can also lead us into true sambandh with Bhagwan.

Guruji Muktidatta Abhishikta came into our sansaar to give people from every dharma or sanskruti the opportunity to have a sambandh with Bhagawan.

A young man from a wealthy family took darshan from Guruji. “Pranaam, Maharaj ji.”

Because the krupa and prem of Bhagwan was the swabhav of Guruji, he said to the young man, “You may ask your question, beta.” The young man humbly said, “Guruji, how can I have the full anubhav of the krupa of Bhagwan? Since my upanayana, I have always followed the dharma of my family perfectly, but I still do not have atma shanti.”

Guruji then took the pariksha of the young man. “Give your wealth to the poor as a daan to Bhagwan and follow me.” The wealthy young man was shocked and sadly took his leave from Guruji.

Guruji then said, “It is very hard for any person who is a crore pati in their heart to have the anubhav of the kripa of Bhagwan. However, nothing is impossible for Bhagwan.”

Guruji can lead us into true sambandh with Bhagwan.



One day, a young man asked Guruji to convince his older brother to give him a large amount of money so he could separate from their joint family and do business on his own. Guruji saw the greed and corruption that lay like a Rakshas behind this request and said “Beta, this is a family matter… I do not want to take part in this because your sanatan sambandh with Bhagwan and your sambandh with your family is more precious to me than getting black money gained by your greed.”


Atma Shanti

A zamindar Grihastha had become a crore pati. Even as a Brahmachari, he had not obtained any vidya about the Atma. When he became Vanaprastha, he worked less but he ate and drank more with no thought of obtaining atma shanti. He suddenly died. His adhyatmik family feared that his jeev would not rest. But, the words of Guruji gave them asha.

He taught that even those who are without vidya of the atma can obtain atma shanti. Guruji Muktidatta Abhishikta, our Prabhu Yesu, can give us mafi for our avidya and we can obtain atma shanti…



A very chust sastri asked Guruji how he could obtain mukti. Guruji said “Practice bhakti toward Bhagwan and seva toward manavjat, and you will obtain a pure sambandh with Bhagwan.” The sastri was very careful about people, so he asked Guruji, “In which samaaj do I practice seva?” Guruji then told him this story:

A young girl was walking home from college when she was attacked by a group of evil young men and left to die. Several other students who were from the finest families saw her, but passed her by. They didn’t want any trouble because they blamed her for this situation. Then, a rickshaw walla and his sister, whose family had moved to the city from a small village, saw her and took her to a local hospital.

Guruji then asked, “Which group of people really loved Bhagwan and served manavjat?” The young sastri was shocked, but answered, “the rickshaw walla and his sister.” Guruji said “Follow their example.”

Parivartan and Parisambandh

Guruji Muktidatta Abhishikta had a swapna for every jati and jamaat. He wanted to stop the corruption that was ruining their sanskruti. His yojna was to offer mafi to people who realized that their corruption was destroying their sambandh with people and with Bhagwan. Mafi brings parivartan in our sambandh with society and with Bhagwan.

Guruji and his shishya mandal accepted a dinner invitation from a corrupt tax official. The dharmic people who followed Guruji were shocked. Guruji said, “I have not come to chust people. I have come to bring mafi and parivartan to those who live in paap and apmaan.” Many of the corrupt tax officials accepted mafi and joined the shishya mandal of Guruji.



A very wealthy man named Nirmal wanted to see Guruji. So, he climbed into a tall tree to watch him as he passed by. Guruji saw him and said, “Come down, Nirmalji, and give me a party at your house.” The very chust people who followed Guruji were shocked because everyone knew that Nirmal had become rich through corruption.

At his home with his family, Nirmal did pranaama at the feet of Guruji and humbly said “Guruji I will give half of my wealth to the poor in our samaaj, and I will repay everyone whom I have cheated. I will give them 4 times more than I stole.” Balay Nirmalji” said Guruji. “Your praayashchita shows that your heart is now pure. Today, mukti has come to this family. I came to offer mukti to everyone who lives with the apmaan of their adharma.”

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