Bhakti – Devotion

भक्ति – Bhakti – Devotion

Guruji Muktidatta Abhishikta often taught his shishya mandal about true Bhaktibhav. His hari bhakta later wrote this sloka:

Bhakti without seva is useless. |
A heart of aradhna and a life of seva is true bhaktibhav. ||

One day, Guruji surprised his shishyas by entering an avarna gaam. Then, they were shocked when he accepted water which a woman offered him from their pani ka kuaan. Guruji and his shishya mandal received a warm swaagat into this gaam and spent two days teaching the people about bhaktibhav. The people accepted paap ki mafi from Guruji and received atma shanti from this amazing anubhav of bhaktibhav. Anyone who has the anubhav of bhakti and seva from Guruji has taken his darshan and will realize the gnaan of bhaktibhav.

Bhagwan ka Shabda

“This is how we know what prem is: our vahalla Guruji Muktidatta Abhishikta, our Prabhu Yesu, laid down his life as a balidan for us. And we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers and sisters.”
1 John 3:16 – The Holy Bible


He Guruji, you took samadhi as our balidan. |
Because your holy yagna burns away our karma ||
Three days later, Your jiv-atma appeared in the same sharir-roop |
Your samadhi was a holy yagna that burns away our paap. ||
You can change our nasib from shame to prem |
You can show us how to love all people. ||


“If someone has everything they need, but after he sees a poor person has no daya on him, how can the prem of Bhagwan be in that person who has all of the ashirwaad of Bhagwan? Dear children, let us not express prem with words or speech only but with seva and in satya.” – 1 John 3:17-18 – The Holy Bible


He Guruji Muktidatta Abhishikta,
we love you because you loved us first. |
Our prem for you falls as bhakti to Bhagwan and seva to manavjat. ||
We trust in your ashirwaad for our family |
We provide your ashirwaad to every samaj. ||


When Guruji Muktidatta Abhishikta was preparing to leave this world, he gave an important final bodh to his bhaktas.

Remain in me, and I will remain in you. |
If you remain in me, you will be like a fruitful plant. ||
If you do not remain in me, you will not have any fruit. |
Those who have no fruit are not my bhaktas. ||

Guruji then promised to send his Pavitra Atma to enter the atma of all of his bhaktas. In this way, he changes our dil to become the aadhyatmik place were Guruji can remain. We remain in Guruji when we show true prem to our parivar, pardoshi, samaaj and all of our deshvaasiyo. We are given vishwas, aasha and prem. The greatest is prem.

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