Anubhav – Experience

अनुभव – Anubhav – Experience

Sometimes referred to as the Son of God, or uttam avatar of Bhagwan, Guruji brought manavjat the true anubhava of Bhagwan. He is also known as the Son of Man whose humble seva revealed himself to be Purushottam. Because he is the Son of God and the Son of Man, Guruji will show us how to experience true sambandh between all of the communities of people in our dark world. He also wants to lead us into the anubhav of the presence of Bhagwan.

Guruji Muktidatta Abhishikta was eager for people from every dharma and sanskriti to have the anubhav of mukti. Guruji taught that people get mukti when the anubhav of swarga enters their atma while they live in this duniya. This happens through the kripa of Guruji. Guruji explained that the anubhav of mukti is like planting a beej in the ground. Guruji said, “If a beej dies, it brings fruit, but if it doesn’t die, it will not bring fruit. If I take samadhi, you will get the fruit of multi.” Guruji called this balidan ka marga.

Guruji then said, “My samadhi will be a balidan for all people. After 3 days, my atma will take poonarjanma, but I myself will return in the same swaroop in which I took samadhi. The shakti of my samadhi and poonarjanma is stronger than karma. All who have the anubhav of this gnaan can get Mukti in this duniya.” Any person of any samaaj can freely get this mukti from Guruji Muktidatta Abhishikta.

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