कृपा – Krupa – Grace

A Blind Beggar

One day Guruji and his shishya mandal saw a blind beggar sitting at the char rasta. Guruji Muktidatta Abhishikta, our Prabhu Yesu said,
“This man is not blind due to his karma or the karma of his loving parents. Bhagwan allowed him to become blind to help you see the daya and shakti of Bhagwan.”

Then, Guruji touched him and he could see.

Shanti, Shanti, Shanti!

Are you able to see?
Do you have spiritual sight as well as physical sight?

A ‘Shaap‘ Man is Transformed

Chi! Chi! people always say as they walk around me. Even the family feels I am brusht. They forced my parents to name me Andhaka, so I would understand that I must live with the blindness of my karma.”

The blind man heard someone call out to their Guru. Then, he felt someone touching him and saying, “You have a shude atma.”

He was afraid, but suddenly the suraj ki roshini of a hundred and one suns exploded in front of his eyes.

He could see!

Do you want to see a jindagi beyond karma?




What is your anubhav?

punar janma

What do you believe about karma?


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[fruitful_tab title=”I am an atheist.”]

“I am an atheist.”

In his day, Guruji understood how bogus religion hurts people.
Guruji is very willing to dialogue with people who are atheist, but he always has strong words for those who twist religion for money and power.
Bless you for seeking truth! Guruji said, “Seek and you will find.”


[fruitful_tab title=”I believe that the karma attached to my atma determines my nasib.”]

“I believe that the karma attached to my atma determines my nasib.”

Guruji also taught us that our kariya produces good and bad fruit in our life and the life of our family. Guruji also said that his krupa is stronger than our paap and puniya.


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“I believe that following my dharma will lead to a good punar janma.”

Guruji taught us to observe bhakti and seva according to the dharma of our samaj with full shradhaa in his krupa for our future nasib.
Guruji wants to deliver us from the bandhan of punar janma and give us santan jivan with him in Bhagwan’s Heavenly Kingdom.


[fruitful_tab title=”I believe in the krupa of Bhagwan.”]

“I believe in the krupa of Bhagwan.”

We also trust and rest in the krupa of Bhagwan.
The people of the world can learn a lot about the krupa of Bhagwan from the people of India.



Adharma and Apmaan?

She couldn’t stop the hot aansu that fall only from the eyes of a mother with a broken dil.

Her only son was born blind and she believed it was her karma, her paap, from a previous life that had caused it. Her saas and nanad reminded her of her apmaan every day.

Then she saw a crowd of people at the char rasta. They were saying something about the daya and shakti of Bhagwan.

She heard the awaaz of her son shouting “I can see!” She ran toward his awaaz and saw him doing pranaama at the feet of Guruji Muktidatta Abhishikta, Prabhu Yesu.

Her son looked into her eyes for the first time, and she was reborn.

Healed but Shunned

Guruji Muktidatta Abhishikta did not follow the correct parampara when he gave sight to a man born blind, so the sadhus and pandits caused the man to be shunned from their society.

Later, Guruji found him and the formerly blind man did pranaam at the feet of Guruji and said, “Maharaj, you are the uttam avatar of Bhagwan, my svasth karnar and my taaranhar.”

We give thanks

OM Prabhu Yesuji OM. OM Guruji Muktidatta Abhishikta OM

Karma hai mera, lekin krupa to tera
Darshan hai hamara, sach drushti hai tumhara
mera apmaan tatha shaap, yeh se muje mukti karea aap
aadhyatmik andhera se muje bachao, Prakash ka marga mujhe dikhao

Karma is mine, grace is his
philosophy is ours but true sight is yours
my shame and curse, emancipate me from all this
deliver me from spiritual darkness, show me the path of light

Om Prabhu Yesuji Om. OM Guruji Muktidatta Abhishikta

Mandir, masjid tatha church keval parampara hai hamara
Lekin sach Pooja, dua, tatha vishwas to sambandh se hai tumhara
Dharmic niyam tatha dur se anga niraasha aiya hai muje
Lekin tumhara shradhaa, aasha tatha prem sach aadhyatmik drushti deta hai muje

Hindu temple, Muslim mosque, and Christian church is only our tradition
but true worship, prayer and faith is from your touch
Blind despair comes to me from religious law and fear
but your faith hope and love give me true spiritual sight.

OM Prabhu Yesuji OM, OM Guruji Muktidtaa Abhishikta Om
Shanti……. Shanti……. Shanti


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